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Warranty For Maximizer Products, Inc.

Maximizer Products, Inc. warranties all of our products against defects in materials and workmanship within 1 year of purchase.  Some items are subject to wear and are sold individually for your convenience.  Please refer to our Replacement Parts page.

The warranty of goods is subject to the following conditions:
   1. The products must not have been modified or altered in any way.
   2. The products may not have been used for purposes other than those intended by the manufacturer.

       In the event that circumstances are found to exist which the Purchaser believes may give rise to a claim under the warranty, the following procedures shall be followed:

   1. The Purchaser shall contact Maximizer Products, Inc. either by phone (1-406-755-2828) or by email (maximizerproducts@centurytel.net) and explain the circumstances and facts of the warranty claim.
   2. If deemed a legitimate warranty issue, Maximizer Products, Inc. will require the purchaser to return the defective piece at the Purchaser’s own expense to:

Maximizer Products, Inc
615 Scenic Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901   

Along with the Purchaser’s name, return address, phone number, place of purchase and purchase date.

   3. Once the item has been received, Maximizer Products, Inc. will return an identical or otherwise comparable replacement part to the Purchaser by US mail at no charge.

       Except for the warranty set forth above, no representation or warranty made by any sales or other representative of Maximizer Products, Inc. or any other person concerning our products shall be binding upon Maximizer Products, Inc.

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