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Bead Lock FAQ
Diff Cups FAQ
Bead Lock FAQ Top 
Q. Can I use an electric screwdriver to assemble my beadlocks?
A. We recommend only using handtools when assembling beadlocks to prevent stripping holes in the tube due to overtightening.


Q. Can you dye our rims?
A. Yes they are made of nylon so they are dyeable, we recommend using white rims to
start with.


Q. Clean tires?
A. Cleaning the tires is an important step in properly assembling your beadlocks.


Q. Do you make a product what will allow 17mm rims to be used on a Revo or a T-Maxx?
A. Yes we do, we make an aluminum adaptor, and we also make composite adaptors.


Q. How come the rims are not vented?
A. We leave the venting up to the customer, we believe that venting the tires and not the tubes is the best option.


Q. How much do the wheels weigh?
A. 17mm 0 offset &1/2" offset---100 gr or 3.53 oz
X-75-------------------------------111 gr or 3.90 oz
5-hole & 5-spoke---------------104 gr or 3.65 oz
solid-------------------------------109 gr or 3.83 oz

All weights are for one rim with standard rings,
ring shims add 7.5gr or 0.25 oz.


Q. How tight do the beadlock screws need to be?
A. Tighten them up until the faceplate is touching the tube, there is no need to tighten them up further. Before assembling the tires put the faceplate on the tube and look at the backside of the faceplate and you can see how far the faceplate should protrude past the lip on the tube.


Q. Panther Switch and Gator
A. The Panther Switch and can be mounted up straight from the package, with no trimming of the bead needed. No ring shims are needed with the switch. With the gator we have found that using one ring shim works well.


Q. What about the Imex Krocks?
A. The Krocks bead is to thick it needs to be trimmed so it is thinner.


Q. What are ring shims?
A. You asked for it and we listened. Ring shims take the place of Rage Rings, no longer is another purchase required to run thin beaded tires.


Q. What do I do if I strip out a screw hole in a tube?
A. All componenets are available for purchase individually so you may purchase an individual tube if necessary. However, you may leave the screw in and run it as is. Our race team reguarly races with only four screws installed in the beadlocks.


Q. What do I need to do to mount up Panther Boas?
A. Boas can be mounted up without triming the bead, but it is easier to mount them if you sand 1/32" from the inner diameter of the bead. The easiest way to do this is with a sanding drum on a rotary tool.


Q. What rims are the strongest?
A. The solid and are new 17mm rims are the strongest.


Q. What tires need ring shims?
A. Thin bead and some soft compount tires need to be assembled with ring shims. Below is a list of tires we know to need shims but there may be others.

Proline: Maxx and Mtr Bow Tie, Maxx Road Rage, Maxx Paddle, Maxx Mulcher , Mt and Mtr Crimefigher, and Mtr Holeshot, and Badlands.

Imex: Swamp Dawg, Claw Dawg, Dirt Dawg, Rib Dawg, Baja, Road Dawg, Pin Dawg, Trail Dawg .

Hpi: Dirt Bonz

Tires with a square edge bead typically will not need ring shims but those with a tapered or "L" shaped bead typically do need the shims.


Q. What tools are needed to assemble beadlocks?
A. The 14mm beadlocks and the rock rings use a socket head screw that requires a 2.5 mm allen head driver.

The 17mm beadlocks use a button head screw that requires a 2 mm allen head driver.


Q. What vehicles will our new 17mm beadlock work with?
A. The 0 offset will work with any truggy that requires maxx offset rims.

The 1/2" offset will work with any truggy that requires maxx offset or 1/2" offset rims.

They will also work with the T-Maxx, Revo, and Savage if the proper adaptors are used.


Q. Will 40 series tires work with our rims?
A. No, they will not, our rims only work with 3.2” tires.


Q. Will the rims and rock ring accept paint?
A. Yes, they will just make sure to use a high quality paint, and be sure to clean the product to be painted.


Diff Cups FAQ Top 
Q. Important assembly notes.
A. The most important thing that is to liberally grease the outdrive where it goes through the diff cup. It is also important to clean out any screw holes so the locktite can set up properly.


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